About me

I studied Interaction Design (BA) and am largely a self-taught developer. In early 2020 I started as a freelance designer and developer to work on mainly web-based projects that are inventive, playful and stand out from the crowd.

As a designer and developer, I feel at home at the intersection of bold ideas and technical execution. To gain new insights, I use my own projects as a creative playground to experiment, invent new shapes and discover techniques.

In addition to making playful designs, I always step in the shoes of the end user. A website is often an instrument and must therefore always be understandable and accessible to everyone. Hereby I take the wishes of the client seriously and work closely together to come up with the best solutions.

If you need extra hands for your project or want to discuss your ideas, send me a message! I like to work together and share ideas.

instragram: @cas_de_rooij

Font used: Happy Times at the IKOB, designed by Lucas Le Bihan